Enjoy the event, knowing it's been paid for.

Save for any event

Save for Christmas, holidays or upcoming family events.

Save any amount

Using standing order or in person, weekly, monthly or ad-hoc.

Spend in over 82 shops

Our Pavilions Card may be spent anywhere in the shopping centre that accepts MasterCard.

  • Unlimited savings events

    Create a savings event for any occasion and start lodging money immediately. Track your saving progress, and then track spending once you start spending.

  • 3 ways to pay

    Lodge money into your savings event with your credit card, via EFT or simply walk up to a service desk with cash.

    It's that easy!

  • Perfect savings club works on any device

    Works great from any device

    Desktop, tablet or mobile. Access your account details, spending history and lodge money from anywhere, anytime.

    A responsive design means the same website works perfectly across all your devices.